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Samantha, senior home help in Wake forest

I've always enjoyed talking and hearing stories from more experienced people than myself. Reading to my grandma and playing board games with her was always enjoyable.
Samantha, dogsitter in Wake forest 27587

I have a dog and a cat of my own and take care of them daily. I keep the cats litter-box clean and walk the dog 4 times a day so she gets enough exercise.

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Ody, senior home help in Las vegas

Mi nombre es ody ando en busca de trabajo honrado.. Bienvenido urge y mucho por que tengo dos hijos que antemano gracias por su preferencia y que tenga un bonito dia llena de bendiciones...
Jeanne-claire, dog walking in New orleans 70118

I have worked in barns and have grown up with cats, dogs, rodents, and reptiles!