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How does it work?

Looking for help with your family? You're in the right place!

On you can find thousands of people offering their services from child care, senior care, household work, gardening, DIY, tutoring, moving house help and even pet sitting!

Are you an agency ?

No. helps you to find people you might want to employ by providing ads for various services. You directly employ the person advertising on our site if you so choose. We don't take any commission on the salary or finders fee.

Once you have found someone to work with there is nothing you owe us. We wish you luck in your new job!

Can I trust you ?

Only you can decide on someone who you feel confident to employ and entrust your children, pet, house with... is a ad website, and isn't a substitute for the recruitment process.

However there are a number of tools made available to help you: references, verification of identity, email and telephone, sometimes even their social network sites. The things we can help with so you can search with confidence!

Is the site really free?

Correct we take no commission on the salaries paid and the contact between candidates and employers is free on the site. You can arrange a meeting in this way.

The tools available to help your search and make it easier to contact the right person are payable but it's not compulsory. It allows us to cover the costs of the site and keep it going!

Who is the employer? is not an agency and the formalities of a contract of work between employer and employee are your responsibilty. However we are here to help you in any way we can.

You can also freely decide with your employee or employer the rate of pay and different conditions of work.


Well Done !

Really pleased with the site, after stressing to find a good nanny I found one within 48 hours!! Thanks and much easier than last time I looked for a good Nanny.

— Lauren - Stockport


We've just moved and found a great housekeeper. Found in a day and was ready to help in the new house straight away!

— Tom, Devon

How does it work?

On you can offer your services free of charge to thousands of families who enroll each week !

Is it free for the candidates too ?
Yes! You can freely :
  • publish an ad,
  • get in contact with families via the site,
  • and even set up a meeting to arrange an interview.

The options that are charged are offered to put you profile higher up in listings and also allows you to make contact with more advantages on your part.

I am an individual, can I offer my services on the site?

Of course! The site was created for you! We ask you to respect the legal demands needed to declare your work, but a family is able to employ you directly.

Are you an agency ?

Non. you help via the system of ads to find people to work for. You can contact them directly and of course we don't take any commission on your salary!

Once you have found an employer there is nothing you owe! :)


I found alot of students

Cheers! I found loads of students for Maths lessons with this site. Liam

- Jo, student in Surrey


I get to look after dogs when people go on holiday at my home. I love taking them on walks and looking after them. Love the job!!

- Chole

Who are we?

Who's behind It's me, Alexis, Dad of three little girls.
As it wasn't easy to manage work and find enough flexible help, I decided to create the site... Cleaning, pet sitting, tutoring, home care for seniors, is now here to help!

I program and run the site and Lily gives me a hand with the emails!

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